Quality is Life

As one of advanced manufacture exporting to many countries all over the world at early time in decorative ceiling fans industry, ABC persists in extreme strict quality control all the time. However, this closely rigor quality requirement becomes the unmoved main spirit. From every purchased material through detailed inspection, until production line inspection and finished products inspection, which reflects that quality is as important as the life to ABC. Do not accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not outflow defective products which is the benchmark what every worker has to remember in heart and need to practice what them preaches. Providing customer with first-class quality products, and putting it into practice, because we will obtain customer' approval and trust, if we can do it perfect.

Innovation is heart’s blood

As always, Air Breeze Industrial Co., Ltd. holds professional research development by customers’ demands to develop beautiful and durable products. A full range of products are shown by 2D or 3D view to simulate the facade, carry out feasibility evaluation and trial count cost in order to save customer' time and cost. Innovation and progress day by day are the goal we research and our research team pursue. A saying from HuShi, Bold Assumptions, a carefully verification is also our team's solid concept. For years, we have obtained several utility model patents, and several appearance patent, which stand for the unique position in the decorative ceiling fans field. For over 60 years, people in ABC have followed this concept, and win customer's trust while persevering in their efforts, and upholding the spirit of innovation.   

Ideal is soul

The reason why we have been insisting in developing and manufacturing ceiling fans for about 60 years, is that the characteristics of ceiling fans are both with decorative and functionality. Not only can adjust the air indoor, but also can combine with lighting function to achieve several purposes. In summer, turn the reverse switch into co rotation direction that produces wind chill effect to make people directly feel relative 8℃ temperature difference indoor. Therefore, you can turn up the air condition temperature, energy saving can reach about 40% or more, from Euro-American countries' statistics.

In winter, because warm air is lighter than cold air, we have to turn the reverse switch into reversal direction that produces air convection makes average temperature effect. If it matches with heater, you will feel unprecedented comfortable.

We have only one earth. Recently, the global climate warming is getting worse and worse. Saving energy and reducing carbon is everyone’s responsibility.  The function of decorating Ceiling Fans is the best choice for us to save money, and to make the best choice for our earth. Therefore, ABC has been promoted the decorative ceiling fans with great efforts in domestic market in the recent years. We are not only promoting our products self, but also our concepts.

Harmony is Power

The enterprise culture in Air Breeze Industrial Co., Ltd. has no rhetoric, but only takes actions do whatever managers talk. The culture of ABC includes do whatever you say, honest, responsible, industrious and frugal and a good personnel example. To Create an united atmosphere and to agree company , which forms the company's harmonious, unanimous, no special case solidarity. Routine management meeting is the best opportunity to hear from management team, by the different  communication in order to get the exchange of views, communication and problem solving.

With the long-term experienced and mature workmanship, exquisite and delicate products, intelligent veteran management leadership and in accordance with ISO9000 quality system, Air Breeze established a stable and an advanced design team that shall specially design according to customer' demands. Competitive price and ERP management model, which leads our company can fully control the process of purchasing material to reach the delivery date in time, and aims to offer customer fully satisfaction.