How to choose a decorative ceiling fan

2018-04-01 admin2 2

The Shakespeare fan lamp dealer tells you how to choose a decorative ceiling fan, such as whether you take the lights and lights to see the need for lighting, even if you don't add a light or a little better. Speed control is usually done by hand chain, and can also be equipped with remote control or wall control.

Choose suitable ceiling fan lights according to the size of the space.

The diameter is suitable for space size.

42 inch 6---12 Square restaurant, guest house, children's room

48 Inch 10---15 Square restaurant, guest bedroom

52 Inch 15---25 square living room, master bedroom

More than 54 inches above 25 square rooms

In addition to the above description, the choice of diameter depends on the owner's requirement for the air volume. The larger the size, the larger the wind range, the room for the natural flow of the air or the area of the very hot weather should be properly used to achieve the appropriate amount of wind.

Style selection: mainly to see what kind of style and color you like, in addition to the decoration style, of course, the current fashion of mismatch can also try to have an unexpected effect. The atmosphere is generally elegant and children's bedroom is optional, which is hung in the living room. The ladies room can choose colorful colors, such as pink and blue. NBA, football fan for sporty boy family, leaf fan, braided fan for pastoral style of decoration.

Practicality: the number of lights and lights depends on whether or not lighting is needed, even without lighting and lighting. Speed control is usually done by beads chain. If you feel uncomfortable, you can install remote control or wall control. Some remote control and sleep timer functions are very suitable for evening use.